Our Mercedes-Benz Repair Centre

Miranda Auto Body is located in Sydney's southern suburbs. We are an authorised Mercedes-Benz repair centre that prides itself on 'old school' values.
Facilities & Equipment

Miranda Auto Body's Mercedes Accident Repair Centre

As an authorised Autobody Repairer, Miranda Auto Body utilise the latest equipment which is approved by Mercedes-Benz to undertake vehicle repairs. This includes;

  • Downdraft spray booths which provide exceptional duplication of Mercedes-Benz factory finish.
  • Mercedes-Benz Factory Approved Paint as used on factory production lines.
  • Mercedes-Benz approved benches with fixed point measuring and anchoring systems for frame damage to enable vehicles to be restored to their pre-accident condition.
  • Specialised welders designed for the highly specialised materials and construction found in your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Structural Aluminium Repair Facility: Our self-contained aluminium repair environments prevent the possibility of cross-contamination and corrosion from steel particles, and ensure premium repair with highly trained and qualified aluminium welders approved to Mercedes-Benz Standards.
  • Specialised Mercedes-Benz approved tooling designed for repairs only suited to a particular Mercedes-Benz model.
  • Approved Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Equipment and factory repair methods.

With the use of Mercedes-Benz approved equipment you can be confident leaving your Mercedes-Benz in the hands of our passionate and experienced authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody team to ensure you vehicle is bought back to its pre-accident condition.


Getting your luxury Mercedes-Benz repaired at an authorised "Auto Body" will give you the confidence that your prestige car is being repaired by the right people, with the specific training and specialised tooling & equipment, to return your car back to pre-accident condition. DO NOT allow anyone to touh your car that can't prove they are 'authorised' or you can risk the authenticity and value of your luxury prestige vehicle.


We are always looking for hard working and energetic individuals to join our great team @ Miranda Auto Body. Our repair centre prides itself on long-serving employees and now that we are growing, we want to add to our team. If you think you are a good fit and bring value to our centre, please forward an email to and tell us about yourself and your experience OR contact us directly on 02 9525 8673


Did you know that you can ensure the value of your Mercedes-Benz at the higher end of the price range by doing these things?
1. Protect your guarantee by getting all repair work done at an Authorised Auto Body.
2. Complete all service work at a Mercedes-Benz service centre for the life of the car.
This will ensure top dollar for trading in or selling your Mercedes-Benz as it will be 100% authentic!